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What is Hypnosis?

We experience hypnosis every day, and often, we go in and out of hypnotic state several times a day. A very familiar example is that of watching a movie, when you find yourself engaged with the characters to the point where you would react emotionally as if you were really watching a true event before your eyes.

What happened there? Your conscious mind knows for a fact that what you are seeing isn't real. It's because the critical factor of your conscious mind was absent. Somehow, you allowed that part of you that is always questioning whether or not something is true, or will work, or is real, to go quiet and stop asking these questions.

And while you were totally aware that it was a movie, you allowed yourself to believe it was true, and you allowed it to have a real impact on you. Yet, you could have just turned off the TV and walked away, but you didn't want to.

This is what hypnosis is, it is a state of mind, where you are fully aware and in a heightened state of focus (just like you were watching the movie), and whatever suggestions you receive are treated as real by our sub conscious mind.

So by taking advantage of a naturally occurring state of mind, through hypnosis you can literally change habits, remove phobias, create new empowering beliefs, and much more.

(taken from the simplified self hypnosis manual)

Stages of Hypnosis

There are three stages in self hypnosis (or hypnosis in general), the induction, suggestions and awakening.

  1. Induction: This is the most important stage of self hypnosis, in my opinion, as it plays the major role of getting you to the right state of mind to receive suggestions.
    The induction part of the script aims to relax the physical body and put the mind in a very relaxed and calm state.

    This is mainly achieved through a set of instructions that might last 10-15 minutes, or hopefully, much less with a combination of specific conditioning and triggers.

    In the manual, I have included a script that will associate a specific mental image and verbal instructions with being in a deeply hypnotic state, and can be used in other scripts to dramatically shorten the inductions.

  2. Suggestions: Direct suggestions are statements you listen to while in a hypnotic state, or trance. The purpose of these statements is to re-enforce a particular state that you want to achieve like being confident, or to lose weight, stop smoking, have a better memory, be more relaxed, etc.

  3. Awakening: This ensures that you come out of a hypnotic state slowly, as well as develop a queue that signals your mind that it’s time to go back to fully waking state.

What is Self Hypnosis?

In self hypnosis, you willingly put yourself into a hypnotic state then listen to a series of suggestions that it is meant to go straight to the subconscious mind and eventually helping you achieve your desired outcome.

The way you reach a hypnotic state, is through an induction, which can be achieved in many ways. The most common method for an induction in self hypnosis is to follow a set of instructions that put you in physically and mentally relaxed state but with heightened focus, specifically on the voice of instruction.

Once you have reached this state, a pre-recorded set of positive suggestions is played while you are totally relaxed and fully focused. The aim is to bypass the critical factor and have your subconscious mind fully absorb and internalise these suggestions.

Through self hypnosis, you are able to address the areas of your life that require change, and introduce new empowering beliefs and habits.

This manual will teach you how to do all of this on your own.

(taken from the simplified self hypnosis manual)

Recommendations For Success With Self Hypnosis

The best advice is: keep it simple.

Keep it simple so that you can keep doing it forever, as there will always be something you would like to improve.

Here are a few tips:

  • Listen to the "Hypnotic state" recording for at least 21 days
  • Choose any other recording and listen to it for at least 21 days
  • Try to listen to them at the same time of the day, in the same place, to develop the habit.
  • You will start to see changes in as short as a few days, and they will be subtle changes. Mostly you will become calmer, and more relaxed. You will also begin to think the same way suggestions are given to you. If you keep listening up to 21 days, you will definitely notice that you are adapting most of what you are hearing.
  • If you like to listen to them while you sleep, put them all in an iPod playlist and have it repeat. This is what I do, every night for the past 2 years. I have found dramatic changes by doing this even though I'm not conscious,
  • Trust that your subconscious mind is absorbing everything, because it really is.
  • Focus on the pulsating sound in the recording, as this will allow suggestions to go straight into your subconscious mind.
  • The only reason why results will be delayed is the existence of opposing thoughts. That is normal, as part of any change starts slow, and evolves into something beautiful. Just keep going at it, be stubborn!
  • Develop the habit of 10 minutes a day for yourself. Remember that many successful people dedicate time for themselves to grow and thrive.

Recommended Reading

Here are are some of the books I read that are related to self hypnosis/hypnotherapy:

  • Self Hypnosis for a Better Life by William W. Hewitt
    This is one of the first books I read and found great value in. The book is relatively old and there are frequent references to casette tapes.
  • Unlock Your Mind and Be Free by Edgar A. Barnett
    This is a fairly technical book and has a section on self hypnosis using analytical hypnotherapy. Very valuable book.
  • Analytical Hypnotherapy: Principles and Practice by E. A. Barnett
    An extremely valuable resource, I found many valuable information in this book, and I'm still currently reading it.

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