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Sample Case

Here is a sample case to create a custom made set of a suggestions for a self hypnosis recording. I go in detail in my manual, and the following is taken from it:

Letís say for example, that you wanted to have more motivation to achieve your dreams and goals in life. You want to be in a better emotional state and feel empowered on a daily basis.
So, what values would someone who is motivated, positive and driven have?
I would say:

  • Focus
  • Direction
  • Accountability
  • Self love
  • Inner drive
  • Mental, emotional and physical health
  • Positive state of mind

Of course, there is no limit, but from these, we can get to look at each value and expand on them with statements.
So, here is how each of these values translates to Ďfirst personí positive statements:

  • I remind myself daily of the goals I desire to achieve
  • I develop systems that make my journey towards my goals easier
  • I associate myself with people and groups who have similar goals as mine
  • I develop better goal setting skills every day
  • I help others achieve and fulfil their goals
  • Every day in every way my focus gets better and better


  • I invest time on a daily basis to check where I am at and where I want to be
  • I know where I am heading in life and I am moving in that direction with passion and determination
  • I take time to re-asses my direction in life and check if it is aligned with my purpose and passion
  • Every day in every way I get clearer and clearer on my direction in life


  • I am responsible for my actions and the outcomes they bring for me
  • Iím the only one who will make me successful
  • Success is doing what is required to achieve the desired outome

Self love:

  • I find that being with myself is one of the best moments
  • I know I always have me by my side
  • My love for myself is always there
  • I will always be there for myself
  • I am in awe for the magnificence of the being that I am
  • My love for who I am radiates to the world and reflects in my love for the world
  • I am inspired by the being that I am
  • I am inspired by the creation that I am
  • I spend time with myself daily

Inner drive:

  • I feel that there is so much more out there for me and I can achieve it
  • I can manifest whatever I set my mind to
  • Iím driven because I know I can make it
  • If other people have made it, so can I
  • I spend time daily empowering myself with the power to achieve what I set out to achieve

Mental, emotional and physical health:

  • I feel empowered by positive thoughts and ideas
  • I feel inspired by positive and empowering stories
  • My thoughts empower me and serve me
  • My thoughts give me pleasure and keep me happy
  • I eat food that nourishes and energises my body
  • I move my body in a way that energises me and makes me feel great
  • I surround myself with people who are healthy on all different levels
  • I invest time on a daily basis to visualise a healthy and strong me

Positive state of mind:

  • I can achieve anything I set my mind to, I have done that many times
  • Everything in life is learning, and I learn daily in a way that empowers me
  • There is inspiration in everything I encounter in life
  • Life is abundant and options are numerous
  • I surround myself with people who love life and people and see the good in everything
  • I invest time on a daily basis to enrich my mind with positive ideas and thoughts

Write down as much as you can think of, because this will be the fuel of your self-hypnosis script. Once you are content with what you wrote, read the same list, but rephrase the value this way:

Following are statements that are your own on [value]. You will listen intently and say them in your mind and believe them like they are your own thoughts.

You can go as far as creating your induction in a separate audio file, and your suggestions can be added as separate files, and the awakening to be the last.

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