Welcome to Simplified Self Hypnosis

This site is useful for you if you have:

  • Negative self talk
  • Stress, anxiety, sleeping problems
  • Overeating or under eating
  • Compulsive habits
  • Tried a lot of things that didn’t work
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Tried to remove bad habits or introduce new ones

Self hypnosis can help you address all of the above, as it helps you relax, control your habits with ease, introduce new habits ad behaviours, and best of all, it’s available to you for free!

Try these samples, and if you like what you hear, subscribe to access everything available in the download section.

My Story

I started using self hypnosis in 2010 to deal with the issues I was facing at the time: anxiety, memory retention and over all well being. I found that the scripts I was recording and listening to were having an impact on me and I realised then and there the amazing value of self hypnosis.

I then decided to develop my own way of creating self hypnosis recordings based on the following criteria:

  • They had to be short, less than 10 minutes each
  • They had to be soothing and relaxing
  • Easy to create
  • Easy to custom make for any specific situation/case
  • Replicable by anyone

I wrote a manual, which is available to you for free in the “downloads” section. It basically teaches you the following in a very simplified manner:

  • What hypnosis/self-hypnosis actually are
  • The stages of hypnosis
  • Instructions for writing hypnotic suggesstions that re-enforce positive behaviours
  • Help with writing and recording your own scripts
  • A sample case of custom creating your own script for a specific issue
  • All the software and tools you will need to create professional sounding scripts (I provide scripts of my own as well)
  • Many sample scripts that you can record on your own
  • All the scripts that I’ve recorded so far
  • Access to the “downloads” section and anything that gets added to it.

Why Free?

This concept is mostly inspired by my work in the IT industry, as some of the best software available on the internet is available for free (open source) and profiting is achieved through a different model.

Another example is the book “Thinking in Java” which was the first book I studied. The author made the electronic copy for free while he sold the printed version, he was still able to make profits and continue to improve and develop the book.

All I require is that you provide me with a valid email address so that I can keep you updated and send you occasional relevant materials and offers. I would also greatly appreciate your feedback, recommendations and your corrections on any mistakes in my work.

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