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Stages of Hypnosis

There are three stages in self hypnosis (or hypnosis in general), the induction, suggestions and awakening.

  1. Induction: This is the most important stage of self hypnosis, in my opinion, as it plays the major role of getting you to the right state of mind to receive suggestions.
    The induction part of the script aims to relax the physical body and put the mind in a very relaxed and calm state.

    This is mainly achieved through a set of instructions that might last 10-15 minutes, or hopefully, much less with a combination of specific conditioning and triggers.

    In the manual, I have included a script that will associate a specific mental image and verbal instructions with being in a deeply hypnotic state, and can be used in other scripts to dramatically shorten the inductions.

  2. Suggestions: Direct suggestions are statements you listen to while in a hypnotic state, or trance. The purpose of these statements is to re-enforce a particular state that you want to achieve like being confident, or to lose weight, stop smoking, have a better memory, be more relaxed, etc.

  3. Awakening: This ensures that you come out of a hypnotic state slowly, as well as develop a queue that signals your mind that itís time to go back to fully waking state. s

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